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Answer your thought, I am calling you!

Yes, it sounds funny! Answer your thought, I am calling you! Has this happened to you? you are thinking of someone and next thing you see , a call or a message from the person you were just thinking of. This is how powerful the connection is between us humans, and how we can all have the ability to call one another thru our first form of communication, our thought. In the reverse, have you ever felt someone else thinking of you? when you feel this, it is a very persistent thought, you may try to go about your day and the person’s thought keeps coming back to you. The truth is we all have this ability but not everyone is aware of it. This is even more intense when you are very close to someone. This is because when you lower your barriers of protection, you can actually allow someone else to be so close to your field of energy to the point that they can read your thoughts. This is how the saying goes, best friends or lovers can finish each other’s sentences . If they have dropped energy barriers and allow the other person to enter theirs, then it is possible that you have an indication of their thoughts, because you are going beyond spoken language. If you don’t want someone trespassing your energy field it takes some exercises to put that barrier on, so that persons thoughts don’t reach you, if that is what you wish for. So then let us take this thought even further and consider possibilities, thru thought you are influencing how the universe responds to you, constantly sending back negative thoughts will create a negative conversation, if you in turn send positive thoughts you can have a more positive effect on yourself. If you are thinking that positive affirmations, which are really thoughts you are sending to yourself and the universe don’t work, then try an exercise! Change your turn for an entire week and see the effect that it has on you and others around you. Practice the restraint on negative thoughts and switch them to finding something positive or omitting negativity. This practice alone will raise your vibration and thru you into a higher circle of attraction, which means you will slowly be calling more positive into your life just with your thoughts. To understand more about how to bring more positivity into your life and tapping into higher vibrations, contact me for a session. timewithspirit@yahoo.com.

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