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But I just Know! Tap into your sense of knowing….

The sense of Knowing

Do you know what is the sense of Knowing? Weather we want to admit it or not we all have it, lucky those of us who can find a way to use it? But why? because trusting your sense of knowing can help you navigate the waters of life in a very useful way . I often find myself telling friends or relatives do this or that, sometimes I have told hold back. Often times I am asked, but how do you know? I just do! that is what the sense of knowing is, listening to the first gut instinct which is often right. Yes there are a thousand and one thing going in our heads at the same time, how do you know? Quiet your mind down and try to sense the feeling that comes with that thought, yes that little stab in your heart or butterfly in your stomach is trying to tell you , hold back or proceed. The key is to trust that sense, we all have it but we don’t use it. We prefer to stick to the conventional and tangible. We know we hear, we know we smell, we know we touch, we know we see, we know we taste, but there, go a little further and know what you know! Don’t let fear hold you, even if you make a mistake, keep practicing your sense of knowing and you will see the more you do the stronger your gut instinct will come to help you. What is behind that instinct is the higher you, the most intelligent and wise version of you which is trying to give you clues and to help you go along the way. If you want to understand your sense of knowing reach out to me, thru a session I can help you master this wonderful sense which we were all given but which we often don’t use. Are you ready to know?

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