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Crossing Over the Spirit of an 11 year old by Ana Saborido

Crossing Over by Ana Saborido

Crossing Over by Ana Saborido

The very first time I had to cross a spirit over, I was probably a bit lost like the spirit. There is much more that I can learn in reference to crossing spirits over. But as everything in my blog, I will write about these experiences from my point of view. When our physical bodies cease to be, and we remain in spirit form, it will take some time for the spirit to realize that it is time to go back to the spirit form. It is natural for most of us not be in acceptance of death, specially when it comes to deaths that are violent and unexpected. So I was very surprised in terms of the process of crossing a spirit over the first time I did it. The first thing I received was a mental impression of the spirit of a boy. I saw him in a box and very scared. I was able to see his facial features. My spirit guide told me more about this boy. He was an 11 year old who used to live in Queens, New York. This boy was struck by a truck as he was crossing a street. He did not want to leave earth, he wanted to remain on earth, he was upset over his mother, father and over his doggie. I was able to meditate on this, and I was guided to show him his grandmother. Also two angels where waiting for him. I took him to a gazebo where the grandma was waiting for him. He was comforted and I was able to leave him at peace. How does this happen for someone who is trying to understand this? Or perhaps you are developing your gifts? It is very important to understand that in spirit, we don’t have the limitations of our physical self. Therefore, when I did the meditation and I took myself to a higher state of consciousness, I was able to see his grandma in spirit, and the angels who were also waiting for him. I was able to feel the release and the peace afterwards, as I felt this soul CROSS-OVER. He was able to accept that it was time for him to move on. I was very tempted to contact the family, because it is very likely that this little boy was backtracking to his house in spirit, but then I felt sorry, I am sure the family had endured enough pain to have stranger call on their phone. I was deeply affected the next day, because I felt the pain of this family to lose their son, in something as simple as crossing a street on his way to school in the morning. This little boy never returned home that day. This is exactly why for lightworkers, what we do.. it takes an intense amount of energy. You can be stranded on an episode like this for a little bit, crossing spirits over is not something that I do on a daily basis. Basically it can be something that presents itself, if a spirit shows up and I sense this is a spirit who has not accepted it’s passing I will do a similar process to what I described above. In the end, what I am left with is the beauty and the awe of what it feels like to be part of this process and to be able to help someone in spirit. Everytime I have done it I feel humbled. I feel humbled for the spirit, and for what we do as lightworkers, and for the beautiful process that takes our soul back home. Love and Light and I hope I can write more about Crossing over in due time.

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