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Dreams of Higher Dimension, what are they?

The first time I had a dream of Higher dimension, I woke up in awe. There is so much that we can receive and give thru dreams, and I don’t think we humans give dreams the importance that we should. So much can happen thru dreams, as we enter a relaxed state, our guards are down and we could accomplish many things from: Manifesting, to lucid dreaming, to contact with spirit, healing, accessing our creative higher self. Dreams also have the power to give warnings as premonitions. I have always been big on dreams, since I was a little girl, I would wake up and remember dreams and details for days. Even years, some of my childhood dreams are still imprinted in my memory, has it happened to you?

This is not to say that every dream comes attached with some big meaning to it. We also dream of things that are bothering or affecting us, or of things that we are longing for, and are not ‘\able to express during the day. Sometimes our mind just needs to release our fears thru dreams, this happens to me for example when I am feeling overwhelmed, I always tend to dream of Tsunamis. I used to be fearful of these dreams, until I started understanding that it was just a way for my mind to offload the feelings of being overwhelmed by whatever was going on in my life.

One higher dimensional dream that has always impacted me came 3 days before my uncle died. I did not know it at the time, but my uncle was trying to prepare me for his departure from earth.The dream took place at night, it was raining… but the colors on the street were different. The light felt like it had a magenta effect on it. There was light rain.
My uncle approached me in the dream…. this is the part that makes it higher dimensional… there were no words coming out of his mouth. He was communicating thru thought.
So in my thoughts I understood what he was saying, he was saying that he needs to leave because he needs to get something. He was barefoot and I remember how much that bothered me. I still felt a sense of calmness in the dream, because it was as if he was telling me that everything would be ok.
When I woke up, this is important, pay attention to how you feel after you wake up from a dream. I woke up feeling I knew something special but not sure what.

My uncle Mario died 3 days later, while he was riding his bike and a car hit him. His death was upsetting because he was only 33. Also because he was someone who had so much potential and as a little girl I never thought he was doing enough with it. As a grown woman I actually came to understand that a lot of his philosophies are more aligned with how I feel about life today. That things can’t be taken for granted because we can never plan enough. That the things that we can live for are the simplest of things, a nice bath, a niece piece of art, a nice song, a nice gesture and specially good human connection. Now when I look back, it doesn’t surprise me that I have a close attachment to his spirit. He was indeed a very special man.

High Dimensional dreams, Ana Saborido

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