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Energy is a Powerful Thing!

Ok, so you walk into a room and despite everyone greeting nicely,and people giving their proper greetings, something makes you feel down. Has this happened to you? perhaps you are too open to other people’s energy. Suddenly you feel a big shift in your energy as well, but why? because you have unintentionally absorbed the energy of the room and the people in it. Even if you came in happy and ready to conquer your day, the energy of the people in the same room is bound to effect you. This is because energy is a form of language, underneath the smiles if the other person is having a negative day, it will affect you. In my case, I am what they call an empath, that means I will 100% feel the energy in the room, it has taken me years to understand the impact that this had on my daily life. Yes, by this I mean train rides, stores, school yards, concerts and any place that is crowded. It also took me a long time to understand that the panic attacks I used to get on the train were not for fear of being claustrophobic but more that the rush of people (energy) coming into the train at the same time was too overwhelming for me to handle. Let’s start adding to the train ride the spirits around the passengers and yes I was bound to feel overwhelmed. Luckily for me, I have learned that I can control all of that thru meditation and grounding. I can choose to build my own shield of energy so that I don’t get so easily affected by the overwhelming feeling of massive energy that comes together in big crowds. A big plus to this is that when the energy is good oh! it is good, that is why normally whereas someone who is anxious may feel nervous in a crowd, for me if it’s a positive crowd it is actually recharging, which is why I love concerts and chanting events. If you want to understand better how to control your energy and how to be a gateway of other people’s energy so that it affects you less, it can take practice but you can do it. Contact me for a session which can be done even remotely (after all ) if am connected to you that is all that will take to visualize what the issues is, after all energy is all that we are !

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