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Finding Purpose in your Life, from a Spiritual Point of View!

Your Life's Purpose  www.timewithspirit.com

Your Life’s Purpose www.timewithspirit.com

Even if it were to take a long time, it is worth investing time into finding your life’s purpose.   Many of us can go years without finding out our true purpose.  We are molded into a society that calls for our purpose to be related to a career, or raising up a family.  Don’t take me wrong, it is wonderful to have a nice career and a family in my case, I would not change being a mother for anything in the world.  But it did take me more than a few years to realize that my life’s purpose was not necesarily related to the career that I chose.  Like most people, I wanted to blend into the sociey and put deaf ears as to what my heart and instinct were telling me about my purpose.  The purpose of your life, is most related to the self that is higher than the physical self, it is related to the spiritual self.  Most likely it is something that elates you unlike anything you have ever experienced.   We could mistake that for a passion, but what if you would turn that into a purpose?  I would recommend that if you are confused as to what is your purpose, quiet down and listen to your heart, and then get as close as you can to your purpose.  For example, what if you are an accountant , but you feel really drawn to politics?  It may not be realistic to leave your job as an accountant, however it would be very realistic to get involved in your local politics, via volunteering, opening a blog, or even doing a meet up group that can help you express your interest in politics and that will get you closer to your purpose.  That in turn will raise up your vibrational energy to doing more things that involve that purpose, which will provide a source of inspiration in your life.  My life’s purpose is very close to my spiritual calling to help others and being a light worker.  I was doing this in a natural manner, but when other things were no longer fulfilling me, I was able to discover that this was a close to my purpose as it would be.  That allowed me to keep going with my life in terms of what I need to do to function in the physical plane, and It also allowed me to open up my life to be closer to my purpose, that is how I was able to become a spiritual medium and embrace my gifts.  So be brave and take the time to find out, you may be surprised at how complete you will feel.

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