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Healing the Broken Heart thru Spiritual Communication

Healing of the Heart , Ana Saborido Psychic Medium

Healing of the Heart , Ana Saborido Psychic Medium

Greetings! I would like to write about healing of the heart and how it is very related to spirit communication.  When our loved ones depart, they leave open wounds that can last for years.  In my case, I lost the very first loved one, my grandmother at the age of 7.  Because she was a very important part of my life, it was very difficult for me to recover from that loss for a long time.   And even when I know for sure that there is life after death, it was hard for me to let go of her memories and all that she meant in my life.  It was not until I visited a medium as an adult that I was able to start making peace with her departure.  While I was younger I was not able to feel her presence the way I feel spirit now.  In addition, my grandmother was a very evolved spirit, it is not easy to reach that point until you have opened your gifts.  Going back to the healing part of this.   Spirit can see our pain and struggle and they are able to send us messages that related deeply to our hearts.   I remember on the first reading I had, the medium told me.. your grandmother wants you to have a better relationship with your mother.  There was no way for the medium to know this about me, except my own grandmother who was always there with me in spirit, knew that this was a personal Struggle at the time.

There was one more symbol that really caught my attention, as it was a very personal thing between my grandmother and I.  During the session, the medium told me that my grandmother was sending me “ANTS”… I was puzzled.  Then I realized that before the phonecall to the medium, I saw Ants crawling around the floor in my apartment.  Again, for the medium this must have been odd but she was doing her job, sending the message and it was up to be to make the connection.  Needless to say I ended the day on a very positive note, and I felt a great sense of healing from this session.  This was also part of my journey, to witness what a great sense of healing a session with spirit brings.   During my sessions with spirit, I am able to receive different messages of symbols, as well as deeper words of connection, this is because our loved ones see beyond what we see here in the physical dimension.  They can see and sense our struggle and doubts with more clarify, and they also rejoyce when they feel we are making progress towards connecting to our higher self.  I am not surprised anymore when people tell me, ” I feel a great sense of relief”, I believe them as the same thing happened to me.  If you want to feel the sense of healing that comes with a mediumship reading, feel free to contact me!

Love and Light,

Ana Saborido.

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