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How do you go back to your Essence? A guided Meditation

Amidst the busy life of an adult comes in your inner child that wants to take you back your essence. There is a reason for that. When we are children we are the most unguarded, we are closer to our essence. What was your true essence? that is a good point of reflection. This becomes even more important as we surround ourselves with the day to day routine and the mundane… the need to come back to your essence will always be of comfort to you. What kind of exercises can be done to accomplish this? Here is one exercise that I have been guided to just now.. Sit quietly in a room, and breath for a few minutes. Think back to a time in your childhood when you felt happy. Even though it is a long time ago for some, this can trigger a special memory. Let the feeling sink in…. my memory goes back to a day in the mountains… while we were having a picnic. As I am reflecting upon that moment… I let it sink it. I am trying to place the feeling I had that day, and I have connected!!! I felt Free!!! I did not have to worry about what happened yesterday or what comes next. I was enjoying that very day, next to my mom and my sister… The point of this exercise is to first Breath, think of the moment and let the feeling come in. You have made a connection! child+shadow

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  1. Sherry Decker says:

    Ty Ana I will try this today. Sounds like fun.

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