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How does Spirit Communicate?


Spirit Communication

Spirit Communicate

How does Spirit Communicate?

I would like to share information on how the spirit world communicates. This is all based on my own experiences, which can vary from person to person. One of the biggest purposes on part of spirit is to provide healing.

They do this by using a medium like me.  The communication can vary from full sentences, to images, and a variation of images and short words. This really depends on different factors, one of them being how evolved the spirit is. Some of the more evolved ones find it very easy to communicate through full blown sentences. There are other spirits that are very expressive and use images to convey their messages.

One important thing to mention, spirit will want to bring forth a message that makes sense to them on your healing journey.  Many sitters (person reading for) come with expectations of receiving answers to specific questions, such as “what was the nick name spirit used to call me”. You may or may not always get the answers you want, because in the end spirit wants to give you what they feel you “need”.

All that is needed is an open mind and an open Heart

Ana Saborido

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    So deceased people could help out on finding long lost parents guaranteed?

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