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How to clean your own emotional wound? A meditative reflection

Do you ever feel like you cannot get past an emotion or feeling? Perhaps something has deeply affected you for a long time.. and you know you want to let go of that emotion but you don’t know where to start? I have been there myself. The first step is to aknowledge the feeling. Sometimes we want to pretend that if we ignore that feeling or emotion it will go away on its own. Sadly, this is not true. The emotion remains, and unless we address it, we will not make progress. Allow yourself to be sad, angry or whatever other emotion you have felt out of a certain situation. Acklowedge your emotional wound. Allow yourself to be in a “vulnerable ” state of feeling hurt. Take all that emotion….. in, cry it out, yell it out.

How that you have ackowledged that feeling, let’s go back to the root of it,what has caused it?
Perhaps it was a situation of emotional abuse, or abandonment. Or perhaps you feel like you don’t belong. Maybe you have issues with your family. Maybe your parents did not do what you thought you needed. Have you identified the root of the emotion? Perhaps, someone you really loved has passed and you have not healed. Let us now, acknowlede that each person has their own course to follow. Mayne I was meant to have a bad parent, to help me grow emotionally? Perhaps you were meant to be in an abusive relationship to come out learning self-love? Maybe the death of my loved one was meant for me to learn that there is something beyond the flesh?..

Are you ready to let go? Maybe know that you have identified what the root cause of that wound is, and how it has come about. Can you find a quiet space in your home. And breath in a golden light. It is the light of healing. Imagine it, embrace it. Imagine yourself breathing that light in… infusing your body, your heart. Let that light penetrate your heart. Allow yourself the gift of healing your wound. Make a concious decision to let go….to release that negative emotion… sad feeling , anger. You are ready for a fresh start. Note: you may need to repeat this… a few times. By doing this, you are releasing the negative energy and attuning your body into a higher vibration of peace and forgivenes.

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