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How to have a Successful Meditation Experience

If I were to find a simple way to describe what Meditation is, it would be this : Meditation is to be in a separate quiet space that allows your mind, body and Spirit to be one.  If you are a new to meditation, I would advise that there are a lot of ways to do it, and you can try different methods to see which one suits you best.  The first step is to find a quiet space to do it, as well as un-interrupted time.  This will allow you to be more focused.  Now that you have a quiet space and time to do it, decide which posture suits you best. Some people prefer to be sitting up, in a chair, straight back and others prefer to lay down. Sitting up allows you the benefit of keeping alignment in your spinal cord, to allow the energy to flow thru your energy centers. I like to do a traditional yoga position as opposed to sitting on a chair, it makes me feel grounded. Now that you have a quiet space, and you know which posture you prefer, you are ready to move onto the next step , Breathing. I recommend that you sit there, and close your eyes and start breathing, inhale 3 times and exhale 5 times. Do this for about 5-10 minutes, in fact that is all you need to do the first time, just focus on your breathing.

The Next time you do your meditation, let’s add an additional step, Clear the mind. So, as you do the breathing exercise Exhale 3 times and inhale 5 times, you will add a visualization in your mind (eyes closed). Imagine this, that as you breath in, there is a funnel of wind that comes in to give you calm, peace and balance. As you breath out, all your troubles of the day start evaporating out of you to the air. Keep envisioning the calmness as you breath in, and all the worries are exhaled, the bad experiences of the day, the negative emotions, the stress from work, the lack of time. Inhale peace, exhale negative emotions. Repeat this particular sequence for a couple of days, and you should end up feeling refreshed and more relaxed.

As more time progresses and you get a hold of these simple techniques, you will be able to move into more advanced visualizations, which will allow you to have even more experiences related to your higher self or higher spirit. You can help yourself by finding some guided meditations on youtube, which can be helpful. Some people find the words distracting. In addition, you could incorporate some music with no lyrics to help you relax. With time you will be able to try out different ways of doing it and see what works for you. Please refer to the “Meditation Videos Recommended” section of this blog.
Feel free to send me an e-mail with questions, ana.saborido@yahoo.com or check out my facebook page. And may you find a success full path to your higher self, thru meditation!! Love, and light Ana Saborido

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