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Moving towards consciousness….

What does it mean to be in a state of consciousness, is it being awake, aware, breathing? that is probably what it meant to me most of my life. But others who have gone thru an experience of awakening know exactly why I am asking this. We wake up , go to work, do the best that we can, take care of our families, our health, try and have fun… and we do it over and over again. But sometimes we ignore the obvious for fears and lack of knowledge… we are simply asleep. When you enter a state of consciousness, you begin to see the world with a different pair of eyes. Unfortunately for many of us, the trigger is a crisis. See, only when things are not going in the direction we wish, do we question what could be change, what could be better. There are two pairs of eyes, before and after consciousness. The way you will handle your life is different before and after. If before you entered a state of consciousness you lost a loved one, clearly that is devastating and can take a big toll in your life, as it did for me when I lost my grandmother at a young age. But once I had gone thru my awakening experiences and saw the world with my new set of eyes, I was able to release the pain of my grandmother and replace it with not only her memories but her legacy. You see, I saw the big picture, I understood what she was meant to be in my life. I understood why although I was only 7 when she died in front of me, her spirit and her thoughts remain in me forever. Why? because the spirit remains, even when physically she is not here, she lives thru my thought. To enter a state of consciousness means that you are aware. You become conscious and understand that there is a bigger picture at play, that our knowledge has been limited by our own limitations and by society. While some are not ready, there are thousands of people moving thru awakening and spreading the word. We are having a conscious movement as a planet, in which although there is plenty of negative and tragic loss on a daily basis, there is also a major shift in consciousness and understanding that we are the first conduit to affect our own lives.
Are you ready to be the most important conduit and affect your own life, by creating a living of consciousness?
Contact me for a session or sessions, and be ready to take a very interesting journey.

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