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My Journey with Spirit

I am a Natural Born Medium, my gifts were passed down to me from my maternal Grandmother.  She has been a great support in opening my gifts from the spirit world.  Since the age of 5 I used to have a lot of experiences that I did not really have explanation or deeper knowledge of.  I used to have visions thru the third eye and high dimensional dreams.  It was not until my teenage years that I took an interest in spirit communication, I was sensing energies and I used to use different tools to initiate conversation.  As time passedAna Saborido Psychic Medium and life got busy I kind of put this interest in the closet.  However,the gifts came knocking on my door years later in my 20’s.  I started to get dream premonitions of people’s passing.  I would go to bed and have visions of people’s faces.    Another person who would come to help me realize my gifts was my uncle Mario.  After his death, he would come to my place every night for a couple of months.  I was never scared of the experience and I always wondered how it was that he could be talking to me thru telepathy.  What was really strong about my uncle was his energy, picture a wind of air hovering on top of your bed for a few hours.  Once again I went on to be busy with my life and family and here comes the gift knocking on my door again.  I was getting intense anxiety and panic attacks and took onto meditation.  I would soon start seeing colors, symbols and eventually had the opportunity to meet my main spirit guide.  An indian Yogi who came to my room with a tray of flowers.  This experience changed my life.  Eventually thru meditation I began to actively hear spirit… it took a lot of months of no sleep and spirit interruption every night to try and get hold of controlling the energy.  When spirits realize you can hear them, they are eager to tell you stories!  I feel lucky and blessed to be able to use these gifts to help others.  It has been an incredible journey so far and I cannot wait to see what more it has to bring.  Thank you for reading about my experience, with Love and Light.

Ana Saborido


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