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Signs that your energy is opening…

Signs are everywhere, if we quiet the mind and notice them. When we interact with other people, we can pick up so much about our interaction thru queues. It could be eye contact or lack of, position of the shoulders or arms, or even they way they are standing. We can certainly say that it is like a language, yet a lot of people don’t pick up on those queues.

Opening to the spirit world is very similar, the signs are all there, but sometimes we neglect to see them, or as it has happened to me, you could even be in denial. The universe has a perfect dialogue, and it will show you how to understand it, if you are willing. This applies to any human being, not only to those are already open in energy. Here are some of the signs that are typical of when are going thru a shift in energy and eventually opening:

-Lack of enthusiasm for your current life path- you had fulfillment in what you did, but something feels missing, you don’t enjoy it the same… maybe you consider a change of career thinking that could do the trick.

-You seek deeper understanding- When I was opening to spirit, I saw one of those monks that walk NYC asking for donations. He asked me to write my wish. What I wrote was very simple ” I am seeking enlightment ” I felt this was symbolic to what was going on with me, I was ready to know more.

-The world hurts- All of a sudden things that perhaps you were numb to, make up upset or sensitive. We live in a world that is constantly training us to go with the pace and maybe not pay attention to others. But suddenly the pain of those around you, becomes yours, to the point of feeling overwhelmed at times.

-You remove judgement- You seek to understand why people do the things you do, but you remove judgement, for we start realizing that we cannot really judge the path of another being. They have their journey and we have ours.

-You feel ill at times- For no apparent reason, you don’t feel well. It is almost as if you feel “floaty” at times. This is also the shift in vibration. Even though we have to do constant upkeep to maintain our vibes high, this is a different thing. It is like your body needs time to adjust to a new vibrational map. We are not talking regular ups and downs, we are talking your energy is not the same as before because you are going higher.

-You see things when you close your yes- Depending on what stage you are of opening, you can see colors, you can see symbols, you can see images like flashing faces, you can see beautiful figures, you can see patterns. These all show that you are tuning in higher, and because at night you are relaxed, you can be more aware of these images.

-Your hearing is more acute Just the same, when all is quiet you begin to pick up different noises, whooshing sounds, voices, musical notes, even a dog barking from far away. This is only a way that shows that you were not in tune before, as you are tuning in your antenna you start to hear more and more.

You feel energy This passing energy that we are all, but you start to perceive shift of. You feel when there is a different energy in the room, and you feel the vibe it comes with. Maybe a sad energy, or gentle, or a little more hostile. Sometimes it just passes like a little rush on top of your hair, or your ankles.

There is much more as you get deeper and deeper, which I will write about later. But it is important to do meditation daily and specially to have en opening and closing routing, so that if you are not prepared to maybe see or hear things, you are not greatly disrupted. I will be writing more about how to control your energy so that you can more effectively help yourself as well as those around you.

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