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Unblock your Abundance Patterns!

The term abundance has been thrown a lot lately, specially in the spiritual world, but what does it really mean? are you living a life of abundance? is abundance limited to money and material things? Even further, do you believe that your life deserves abundance? There is a direct relationship as to how we view this and the abundance that we create in our lives. You could have a healthy bank account, but be stingy at heart. You could have an abundant heart but struggle monetarily. In my world I like to use the term abundance in my daily life. There should be abundance at the table, to the best you can. There should be abundance in the expression of love to those that matter to you. But specially there should be abundance in our hearts, for it is that which allows us to perpetuate giving and receiving in abundance. You don’t need to have a busy social circle, but when you give do you give in abundance in all you do? Do you take the time to give to your loved ones or do you hold back. When you start living a life of abundance at the vibrational-

Are you living a life of Abundance?

level, meaning I will be abundant in what I give you energy-wise, the rest follows… and you will see more and more abundance being manifested in your life.

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