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What Happens to the Spirit of Babies when they die?

The death of a baby is hardly their death at all. Sometimes as perception on earth is that if it was a baby it hardly lived on the physical plane, therefore it did not get to learn about life. However thru a reading with a mother who lost her baby at only a couple of months, I got to learn directly from this spirit about what it is like to die as a baby. First thing is that, their spirit is as articulate as we can be, if they do want to communicate. Before coming into our physical form, we are spirit. Therefore the spirit of that baby having had a short lived life, is really and possibly a very evolved soul. I have noticed a pattern in reading children who have died, and it is that they tend to be very evolved souls. I was doing a reading for a lady who lost her baby, and of course she was puzzled when I said that her baby had been here to teach her and help her grow. Her question was how would I have grown out of this? and my response was as per her baby’s soul.. he came here to teach her how to get closer to our source. God. There was something very touching about this reading. The baby wanted me to show the mom how she constantly wonders what he could have looked like, what could have been or should have been? He wanted the mom to know that in spirit, he is a grown young man, who will always be there to protect her. The healing part of this session was that the mom needed to offload and release herself from guilt. She was seeing his death as her punishment. It was also a time to acknowledge her battle with depression and that she needs to get help to continue her road to healing. My session with her opened the door for her… we spirit before we incarnate and we are after… does not matter at what age we die. We are souls.

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