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Why some of our Life Lessons take time to Reveal Themselves By Ana Saborido

It took me a while to even understand the concept of life lessons. Finally one day it all made sense to me. It was thru a channeled writing with the help of one my Spirit Guides, whom I named Shri. I was in awe when I went and read what I wrote, later that day. He helped me make sense of how some of the most challenging moments of my life had in fact been lessons, which I did not see as such at the time. And this does not mean that my lessons are over, in fact I know this is only the start. I have had some situations in my life which I did not understand at that time what the lesson would be. Instead I chose to see my life as a life of suffering. Once I opened my eyes and went thru a list of events, I was able to draw out important conclusions, and most important lessons. This point of view about life lessons helped me look at life differently. I no longer saw myself as a victim, but rather understood that some of those very challenging times had been planned by my own soul, before I entered my current life. I had one particular session which was extremely emotional to me. Thru a meditation I found myself in a room, which looks lie a huge library. I then saw me sitting a table with a group of 5 people. I could identify all their faces, they are some of my guides which I have met previously during different sessions. Each one of them looked at me, and the main guide asked, does it make sense to you now? Why you chose to have a life that has left you with a sense of abandonment? It all made sense to me, it was a huge break through for me. I was able to see the lesson I chose and how I chose to play it out in my personal life. The beauty of all this, it took me 35 years to understand why and how I chose this lesson and then I was released and now I can help others in regards to the same. My own spirit guides were able to give me healing once I realized that I had feelings of abandonment, and what role those feelings have played in many aspects of my life. So this is just one of my life lessons, that I have been able to take the bandages out of my eyes and I was able to see clearly. My spirit guide has told me in times of struggle, there is a lesson behind this and it shall not be revealed until you are ready. We all have lessons in our life, some take years to clarify. I bet right now, you could come up with a list of struggles you have suffered and conquered and you can draw out lessons from them. Just as current situations that present you with lessons to learn, so yes there is more to come. How I apply this with my gift? Let me just say that I could provide the same healing that I received from my guides. I could give pointers as to what had led you to certain situations and what the patterns of life Lessons can be drawn out. With the Help of your own guides as well Don’t ask me how, I have walked into a room and have gotten lists of issues and struggles for people, be it addictions, low self-esteem, depressions, abuse. I wish I could only be as objective in my own struggles and lessons, but then again we all know that is not so easy. This is why I truly believe in spiritual healing, it can transform one life at a time. May Love and Light always lead your way, Ana Saborido.

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  1. Diana Correa says:

    Qué bonito Ana, me llego esta nota, pero quiero contarte algo, desde la última vez que hablamos, no he podido volver hablar con mi guía, es más me da mucha dificultad concentrarme, no sé por qué.
    Igual como lo expresas, yo sé que varios acontecimientos de mi vida han sido aprendizaje, pero la gran pregunta, cómo curarme espiritualmente, cómo lograrlo sola.

    Un abrazo.

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